Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Vote Pipe, Higgins

The voters of Centre County will elect our three county commissioners on Nov. 3.

This is one of the most important races on the ballot. The commissioners deal with many important issues that affect all our lives; how they decide those issues will determine the future of our county.

We each get to vote for two candidates out of the four running.

My votes are going to Michael Pipe and Mark Higgins.

Pipe is an incumbent and so we know a lot about him. He has an excellent record. He is energetic and has worked hard to make county government more responsive to the people and more transparent and accountable. But he has been a minority of one. His ability to carry out his ideas has been limited by the majority whose views on the issues are often much different from Pipe’s.

I am supporting Mark Higgins because Pipe needs an ally, and I am supporting Higgins because of his unique qualifications for the job. He is a thoughtful and energetic person who is especially interested in economic development. In fact, he makes his living rescuing companies on the verge of collapse. His expertise can help bring new jobs to all of Centre County.

I believe that the Pipe-Higgins team, if elected, will bring Centre County into a new era of progress and increased prosperity.

Peter Morris

State College