Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: No more excuses

I think it is so easy to get lost in this world. So many problems and it feels like there are never good solutions.

But think about this: What if each person on Earth had a cause they were truly passionate about? There are millions of great causes, from autism to homelessness to veterans to zoos.

I’m tired of hearing excuses as to why we can’t help ... I don’t have time ... I don’t have money. If you had the time to read this, you had the time to make a positive change. We as humans need to be humane, not just to the animals but to each other.

Take the time to change the world one second at a time. See something or someone in need. Step up, not around. LOVE. It’s more powerful than any other emotion. If you let it live and grow, it can overcome any other emotion. Hate, sad, happy, angry, love is the answer. Find your love and pass it on, keep it growing till nothing else can live inside and see how much the outside world will change for you.

If I can make a change and have passion for others in the world while living less than 200 percent above poverty level, what’s your excuse?

Helen Snyder

State College