Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Support McGlaughlin

I am writing to recommend Ronald S. McGlaughlin as the next judge for the Centre County Court of Common Pleas. He is exactly what Centre County needs at this time.

McGlaughlin and I have been fellow shareholders in the same law firm since 2003. During that time, he has demonstrated to me his intelligence, work ethic, integrity, and a passion for the pursuit of justice. In addition, McGlaughlin has a calm demeanor and treats with respect those with whom he interrelates. All are traits that will serve him well as a county judge.

McGlaughlin’s practice includes a heavy emphasis in criminal law. In fact his candidacy has been endorsed by the local Bald Eagle Fraternal Order of Police. Two of our four judges have been precluded by recent circumstances from handling any of the many criminal cases to come before the court. If elected, McGlaughlin will be able to quickly step in, without a learning curve, and pick up the slack created by that problem.

For the reasons stated, I highly recommend Ron McGlaughlin as our next judge.

Jeffrey W. Stover