Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Go easy on trivia

At four score years and more, I am a regular doer of the daily CDT crossword.

Lately the letters section has been witness to various people bemoaning the switch away from the L.A. Times source. The complaint about the new source, Universal, is that those puzzles are “too easy.” Really?

The Universal puzzles do not have a certain characteristic heavily present in the L.A. Times puzzles. Universal goes easy on trivia. Like: “Alice’s Restaurant Massacree” singer; Rob in “Rob Roy”; locale for 1996’s “The Rock”; ___ Ben Ahem, Surfi saint.

What good purpose is there to be able to snap off, or, ultimately locate the right answer (hello, Google!) to these sort of clues? Or, are the complainers making my point in a backhanded way?

Crossword puzzles heavy with trivia can be good for people who want to play games of “I’m better than you.” But the notion that working crosswords is a means to help ward off dementia has to go beyond a brain saturated with trivial facts.

I’d rather have crosswords that maybe are “easier” but which, at least, don’t require me to stuff my, now, limited memory bank with blah-type trivia.

Bob Bealer

State College