Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: A winning team

This election matters. It’s time for Centre County to refocus and reset. Michael Pipe and Mark Higgins can make that happen.

Michael Pipe consistently displays thoughtful and sound leadership. He has focused on reforming the criminal justice re-entry system to limit costly recidivism, and spearheaded the 911 system upgrade. Pipe’s leadership is creating a more humane and safer county. But his contribution is not limited to the county — Pipe advocated and worked for Pennsylvania to offer online voter registration.

Beyond all his work, Pipe is a fine young leader and high-quality person. Pipe knows that our county needs deliberative leadership and is willing to continue his service knowing the responsibility leadership demands.

This year, we also have a great opportunity to add another high-quality individual to the board: Mark Higgins. His vast business experience is invaluable at a time when our county needs solid economic development initiatives. For more than 30 years, Higgins has served in the private sector. He is now offering his wealth of business knowledge, experience and leadership to the voters of Centre County — we cannot pass up this opportunity.

When you add Pipe’s experience in county government and his discerning approach to Higgins’ business experience and desire to serve, Centre County has a winning team.

Pipe and Higgins recognize Centre County is facing a crisis of leadership. Both have the experience, character, integrity and interpersonal skills to provide the leadership our county needs.

Andy Merritt

Halfmoon Township