Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Re-elect Exarchos

May I challenge voters to go online to www.centrecountypa.gov and look at all the responsibilities of the county commissioners.

Everything listed on that website is their responsibility. They have to have awareness of, and familiarity with, everything from adult services and aging to weights and measures, with 41 departments in between. A great number of people could be hurt if the wrong leaders were elected.

Chris Exarchos has been doing a great job as county commissioner. Why anyone would choose to replace him with a less-qualified candidate is beyond my comprehension. Common sense says, “if it is working good, don’t fix it.”

The moving of Centre Crest to an outside nonprofit status was the smartest move the county could have made. Thank you.

Spending has been held to a minimum, despite the pressure from outside interests. Thank you.

Taxes have not gone up, despite the wishes of the tax-and-spend members of county government. Thank you. (Our federal government could learn a great deal from our county leaders.)

Exarchos is not a sweet teddy bear; he is a businessman tested under fire. He has been in local government long enough to know the actors to contact, and the buttons to push.

Let’s take care of ourselves by re-electing Chris Exarchos.

Paul Hay

State College