Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Embarrassing records

I repeat myself because they repeat themselves. I’ve said this before, right here on the CDT opinion page, and I’ll say it again: The voting records of Glenn Thompson and Bill Shuster are atrocious and an embarrassment to them and those who support them. I am sickened by what their voting record represents.

Our current Republican representatives define themselves by their voting record — repeatedly. By definition they are in lockstep with the wayward GOPers who seem hell-bent on turning over control of our nation to the filthy-rich who have no respect for you and me — the 99.9 percent.

They do not support veterans, women, clean air, clean water or basic protections of human rights. They do support polluters, mercury poisoning and unsafe working conditions — it’s right there for all to see.

Enough said, just read the votes they have cast as reported in the Oct. 12 CDT under Roll Call. These votes make my head feel like it is exploding. It is my view that these votes can only be cast by horribly detached people who are beholden to wealthy donors and take their marching orders from the national GOP.

Walt Beatty

State College