Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: A brighter future

Working-class families have an exciting opportunity to change their outlook on future opportunities in Centre County.

We have the opportunity to elect a new commissioner with proven experience as a business turnaround expert with a track record of creating and saving good jobs. A man who understands the value of being able to support a family with a dignified wage. A man with a plan to help and encourage businesses to make Centre County their home.

This man is Mark Higgins.

Over the past few months Higgins has taken the time to knock on thousands of doors and listen to the people of Centre County. His enthusiasm for what our county could be with his help and expertise is very uplifting.

When I first met Higgins he outlined to me a plan to create a department within the county with the sole purpose of helping new and existing businesses locate and expand within Centre County. This is sorely needed.

Every day I drive past two once booming industrial complexes that employed thousands of Centre County residents. Both of them now sit nearly empty. I think this is a travesty and so does Higgins.

We have the some of the best schools and brightest people in the commonwealth right here and it is high time we elect someone with the vision and a plan to utilize their talent here rather than watch our young people leave to find employment elsewhere.

A vote on Nov. 3 for Mark Higgins is a vote for a brighter future in Centre County.

Dan Long