Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: A different perspective

I have been a registered Republican for many years and have always voted as such — until this election. I will be voting for Amanda McCartney for register of wills and I strongly encourage those of you who voted for Hope Miller in the primary (as I did) to do the same.

Do not go to the polls uninformed. Do your homework and ask questions about the operation of the Office of the Register of Wills over the past few years and how it can be improved. Do not listen to hearsay, opinions or annoying robocalls (they are the opinion of one person); get the facts and make your own decision.

Christine Millinder reminds us of her 28 years working in this office. While this is quite commendable, it is not necessarily the best choice to improve and move forward.

McCartney is an intelligent woman with the ability and background to excel as register of wills. She has a different perspective that will challenge the system to improve, increase efficiency and save money. People are hired for new positions every day; they learn, they train, they seek the help available, implement fresh ideas and make the necessary changes to run an efficient and cost-effective office. McCartney has every qualification needed to make this happen.

It’s time for change and a fresh start. Vote Amanda McCartney.

Sarah McClintic