Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Personable, professional

I have been a legal secretary in Centre County for over 23 years, and during that time have had many opportunities to work with the Register of Wills Office.

As we are all aware, there is an election for the next register of wills due to Kimberly Barton’s retirement. It confuses me as to why there is even any question as to who is the most capable and experienced candidate for this position.

Christine Millinder has worked in the Office of the Register of Wills for 28 years. When Barton had to take a leave of absence for medical reasons, Millinder stepped up to the plate and kept the office running both efficiently and smoothly without any glitches. Millinder has 28 years’ experience in this office and has presented herself in a helpful, personable and very professional manner at all times.

I could go on and on, but my feeling is “if it is not broke, why fix it?” I ask the voters of Centre County — both Democrats and Republicans — to join me on Election Day, and vote for and elect Christine Millinder for register of wills.

Deborah Smith