Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor | Time for fresh start

I knew from the very beginning that Amanda Buzard McCartney was and continues to be the best person to serve as our next register of wills. A Philipsburg-Osceola graduate, McCartney’s career in public service began with District Judge Allen Sinclair and since then she has worked her way up to becoming our first deputy prothonotary. McCartney’s experience, coupled with her degree from South Hills School of Business and Technology, makes her by far the best choice.

But I think most of all, her work ethic is unmatched. She comes from a background of hardworking individuals, like her dad, former state trooper John Buzard. And while running for office, McCartney has held down two jobs. Hard work runs in her blood.

I am strongly encouraging those who reside in Philipsburg and the Moshannon Valley (and all of Centre County) to vote for McCartney. We have an opportunity to send our hometown girl to Bellefonte to work for us. A vote for McCartney is a vote that sends a strong message: It’s time for a fresh start in the county seat.

Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 3, Philipsburg. Be a Mountie for Amanda and support our hometown girl for register of wills.

P.J. Monella