Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor | Writers wrong on Heim

Recent letter writers to the CDT believe it was wrong for Penn State to rescind its invitation to Bruce Heim to participate in the coin toss prior to the Penn State vs. Army football game. Both writers believe that it was a simple case of guilt by association (to The Second Mile) that drove Penn State’s decision.

Both writers also appear to share the opinion of Heim, who in response to the coin toss flap, stated The Second Mile had no culpability in the Sandusky scandal and that opinions otherwise were based on “conjecture.”

The evidence and the law proves those opinions are wrong.

Heim was among the charity’s decision makers about handling the Sandusky matter. Heim stated recently in a StateCollege.com op-ed: “Upon receipt of the 2008 report (when Sandusky informed the board he was under investigation), it was immediately taken to the board of The Second Mile for action, which in turn banned Jerry from all kid-related activities.”

What Heim didn’t say was that the charity kept quiet about the abuse investigation, allowing Sandusky to continue raising money. The charity also did not inform program participants or the public.

Raymond Blehar

Annapolis, Md.