Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor | Millinder is honest

I have noticed that in each election there seems to always be a candidate that runs for office that has no experience in that office. When a candidate has nothing to offer they often resort to other measures in an attempt to get votes. They use words like transparency, accountability and a fresh start in an attempt to make voters think there is a problem in the office.

If a candidate is willing to mislead the voters to get elected, what will they resort to if they are elected? I believe the voters of Centre County will vote for honesty, integrity and experience.

Christine Millinder has run her campaign based on honesty, integrity and her 28 years of experience in the Register of Wills Office. Millinder is in the office every day working for the residents of Centre County. Millinder is not a career politician and was not handpicked by party bosses. Millinder was picked by you, the voters, in the May primary.

I will be voting for Millinder on Nov. 3 because I want to keep honesty, integrity and experience working for Centre County.

Mary Lou Stoner

Centre Hall