Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor | Vote for Pipe, Higgins

Listening to voters is the mark of a good elected official. Listening to all constituents — regardless of their age, political affiliation, social standing or campaign donation — is the mark of a truly great one.

Mike Pipe and Mark Higgins exhibit these qualities.

In his nearly four years as commissioner, Pipe has served as a board member and liaison for numerous county offices and non-governmental organizations in the area. He has always gathered opinions from the experts on the issues that face the county, but also from those who will be affected, or who have a particular interest. Pipe may disagree with someone, but he will never be disagreeable.

In his campaigning this year, Higgins has talked with more than 6,000 voters — from their front door to organizational meetings to the Grange Fair. From Millheim to Philipsburg, he has met with people and heard their concerns about the county and how they’d like to see it run. In his current role as a business turnaround expert, Higgins needs to listen to all the stakeholders before he can begin to make effective and positive change.

We in Centre County have two votes on Nov. 3 for the Centre County Board of Commissioners. Please use them both to elect Pipe and Higgins.

Olivia Richards

State College