Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor | Millinder most experienced

During her campaign for register of wills, Amanda McCartney has advertised that she has hundreds of hours of court experience.

My wife, Kimberly Barton, has been the register of wills the past eight years and, prior to that, had 30 years of experience in that office during Roger Bierly’s term. She only had to appear in court one time through that entire 38-year period.

How are McCartney’s hundreds of hours of court experience going to help her in the Register of Wills Office? Also, she says that she is going to meet and greet everyone that’s going to come into the office. How is she going to do the job of the register of wills? Are we voting for a meet-and-greeter or someone to run the Register of Wills Office?

Christine Millinder knows every aspect of this office with 28 years of experience, compared to her opponent with zero years of experience. She understands the responsibilities of the office. My choice and everyone’s choice should be Millinder.

Richard A. Garbrick