Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor | Elect Pipe, Higgins

I’m voting for Mike Pipe and Mark Higgins for Centre County commissioners. As one of the current county commissioners Pipe has worked tirelessly to research and promote the effective use of our tax money to improve the safety and lives of all our county citizens.

In just one example, when the 911 system was so out of date that replacement parts were unavailable, Pipe championed the upgrade to a new digital system, which now keeps emergency responders and county residents safe. He works hard to understand the issues and brings the best minds in the country and state together to solve problems. His primary concern is always what is best for the citizens.

Higgins will be the perfect partner on the commission. He knows how to bring people together to fix problems. For 30 years he has been a successful business-turnaround expert. He asked the tough questions, made the difficult decisions and talked with management and employees about the best way to get failing businesses out of the red and back into profitability, saving and creating hundreds of jobs in the process. Together Pipe and Higgins will apply their considerable talent and skill toward improving the economic development of Centre County, and creating new jobs in the process.

Please join me Nov. 3 and use your two votes for county commissioners to elect Pipe and Higgins.

Dan Trevino

Port Matilda