Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor | Poor taste shown

I am quite pleased that the president exhibits considerable restraint when it comes to getting the country further involved in war. I think that his efforts to assemble a coalition of partners to work on global and regional problems is admirable even though I don’t always agree with the processes or outcomes. Some of your writers, such as Roger Cohen (CDT, 10/15), differ with me. That’s OK.

However, the editorial cartoon that you positioned beside Cohen’s column is not OK. President Obama has never once made a fool of himself by pretending to be a military man while standing in front of a banner that blares, “Mission Accomplished,” nor would he. He knows full well that the debacle of death and destruction as well as civil war that Bush/Cheney started and carried on to no successful conclusion has increased the chaos in the Middle East exponentially. In addition, to show a “comic” of a lynching in the background is in the poorest taste.

Glenn McCoy, the cartoonist, has the right to draw that cartoon, but the CDT showed extremely poor judgment in displaying it.

Carol O’Neill

Warriors Mark