Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor | Pipe, Higgins for future

It seems that some of our county officials are wasting large sums of money attacking each other in the courts of law and public opinion. These attacks do not seem to have the best interest of Centre County citizens at heart.

We need someone from the outside, who is not part of the current situation, to step in and focus the county on a positive vision for the future.

I believe that Mark Higgins would be a voice of reason and civility in this current climate. I have known Higgins for several years, as a Scout leader and cyclist. He has always been businesslike, optimistic and energetic. He is well known as a business turnaround specialist. His interests are in keeping Centre County growing and progressing, not in tearing down his colleagues.

For these reasons, I intend to vote for Mark Higgins and Michael Pipe for county commissioner, and I urge all other eligible voters to join me.

Ned Balzer