Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor | Re-elect commissioners

Chris Exarchos will be my choice for the office of Centre County commissioner in the upcoming election and I am requesting all qualified voters consider doing the same.

Exarchos has proven he has the qualifications to perform exceedingly well in the office based on what he has accomplished in the two terms he will have served.

He has been very attuned to minimizing expenses, resulting in no tax increase for the residents of the county but still funding the essential services.

Exarchos has played a major role in planning, studying and completing some very important projects at the county level. He is a dedicated public servant with great intelligence and analytical skills

I would suggest there has been far more harmony and accomplishment and way less bickering on the present board than previous boards; therefore wouldn’t it make sense to re-elect all three of the present serving individuals?

Bill Mattern