Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor | Improve life for all

When you vote for commissioner this year, you can vote for two candidates. This means you can select the team you’d like to see working together to make life better for all people in Centre County, not just a selected few.

In his time as commissioner, Michael Pipe has worked to save taxpayer dollars and reduce recidivism with his work on the Criminal Justice Advisory Board and on the newly formed Re-Entry Coalition. Pipe has advocated for improved mental health services and important resources for re-entering citizens. With these resources, individuals who leave the county correctional facility are less likely to re-offend and are more likely to contribute as productive members of our community.

Mark Higgins has devoted his career to saving and creating hundreds of good-paying jobs in the private sector. Those jobs can support a family and keep young professionals and career people in Centre County. Higgins serves on the Chamber of Business and Industry of Centre County’s Workforce Development Committee, and his plan for investing in economic development will make us more competitive with other counties in the state and draw in more companies, more jobs that will boost our overall quality of life.

The team of Higgins and Pipe is the most dynamic and forward-thinking choice you can make on Nov. 3 for the betterment of all in Centre County.

Sean Miller

Ferguson Township