Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor | Pipe maintains ethics

As reported in the CDT, Commissioners Chris Exarchos and Steve Dershem kept county solicitor Louis Glantz in his job, even after his legal advice cost Centre County thousands of dollars. Now we know why!

Glantz hosts fundraisers for them (even though he’s the solicitor of the Elections Board). Seems unethical and a conflict of interest to me. That’s typical of the way they run the county government, and Michael Pipe can’t change it unless we also vote for Mark Higgins. So let’s return Pipe, whose ethics are beyond reproach.

In addition, I like what he’s done with the criminal justice system here to reduce recidivism, and his other positions, such as increasing government transparency. You can see more on him at www.mikepipe.com.

And let’s help him by bringing in Higgins, who has devoted his career to saving and creating hundreds of good-paying private-sector jobs here. Together they can make life better for all people in Centre County.

Ron Gebhardtsbauer

State College