Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor | Clean sweep needed

Today I received my second mailer from Pennsylvanians for Union Reform. Like the first, this mailer uses attention grabbing half-truths and innuendo to vehemently attack our Centre County district attorney.

Why is Pennsylvanians for Union Reform, based outside Philadelphia in Yardley, attacking the Centre County district attorney? Based on the group’s website, paunionreform.org, Pennsylvanians for Union Reform exists to attack three targets: public employee unions; state Attorney General Kathleen Kane; and Centre County DA Stacy Parks Miller.

What motivates Pennsylvanians for Union Reform to vilify Kane and Parks Miller and what does either of these women have to do with public employee unions? Who does Pennsylvanians for Union Reform represent and from where do they receive the funding for their campaign against our DA who is not even a candidate in the upcoming election?

We don’t need organizations funded with outside money trying to tell us how to think. What we do need is a clean sweep in Centre County government. That is why on Nov. 3 I will vote for Michael Pipe and Mark Higgins for county commission and I strongly encourage others to do the same.

Paul M. Hallacher

State College