Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor | McGlaughlin trustworthy

I would like to strongly recommend Ron McGlaughlin for Centre County judge.

I met McGlaughlin and his family 10 years ago and found him to be a likable and highly principled individual. While McGlaughlin provided me with some legal advice, it is my friendship with him that has motivated me to speak on his behalf. There are many adjectives that I could use to describe McGlaughlin — hardworking, trustworthy and experienced are a few. But the one that I value most, which will make him a terrific justice, is “fair.”

In my private conversations with McGlaughlin, I am consistently impressed with his assessment of sometimes controversial issues. He routinely provides thought-provoking and insightful analyses of various legal situations. It is obvious that he spends time considering the information available before providing an opinion.

Apparently the Fraternal Order of Police Bald Eagle Lodge 51 feels similarly, as it has endorsed him. McGlaughlin the “politician” is running on the Republican ticket. But, it shouldn’t matter to anyone which party supports him because McGlaughlin the “man” is the person who will serve Centre County with fairness and integrity as a jurist it deserves.

Dr. Steven Fishbaine

State College