Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor | NRA should take lead

More than ever, the National Rifle Association is missing a monumental chance: To lead in gun control.

I’ve known sensible hunters all my life — initially, growing up in State College. The dad of my best friend had a gun cabinet. It was always locked.

He’d take out a rifle only for hunting season, and he would have been as responsible with handguns. He certainly wouldn’t have left them around. Playful kids have killed other kids, say national news stories.

For urban policemen, this may be the hour to, when possible, aim to maim instead of ending a life. Even my early hero in Westerns, Lash LaRue, often fired pointedly, not repeatedly.

The NRA could see smiles of gratitude if — instead of digging-in its heels — it were to ride to the rescue.

Nadine Kofman

Pleasant Gap