Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor | Lord right for job

Harris Township voters have the fortunate opportunity on Nov. 3 to allow Bruce Lord to continue to serve as a Harris Township supervisor. He was appointed unanimously to fill the vacant seat in March.

Dennis Hameister, supervisor, was quoted at the time as saying Lord can “really look at issues from all sides.” It’s true. Lord will attentively and respectfully consider all opinions. He is intelligent, thoughtful, hard-working, with experience and professional training very applicable to the needs of our township. He has already served on or chaired many committees including Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, Shade Tree Commission, Boalsburg Village Conservancy, COG Public Safety, COG Parks Capital Committee and COG General Forum.

His professional expertise includes 30 years at PSU in resource economics and statistics, involving the careful allocation of scarce resources. Consequently, Lord is for prudent use of tax dollars and responsible development maintaining the wonderful character of Harris Township.

It would be enough that Lord is so well qualified and will work hard and do a stellar job, but he’s also a really great guy. Join me and proudly elect him to continue to be a Harris Township supervisor.

Jean W. Voigt