Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor | Record speaks for itself

Since taking office Mike Pipe has shown through his hard work and long hours that he takes his responsibility to his constituents very seriously.

His work during the privatization of Centre Crest, by going around the entire commonwealth and talking to other county officials who have gone through the process of privatization, was commendable. During this process he spearheaded public town hall meetings on the subject and gave the citizens of Centre County ample opportunity to weigh in. Based on his constituents’ wishes and the information that he had gathered he ultimately voted no on privatization of this crucial public service.

Although he lost the battle and was outvoted by the rest of the commission his thorough vetting of the entire process showed his willingness to look deeply into the issues and get out into the community and take all facts and opinions into consideration before casting a vote.

Pipe does not vote based on ideology; he puts in the work and effort to make sure our county runs efficiently.

Pipe is the kind of commissioner our county desperately needs to retain. He is dedicated to bringing good middle-class jobs into our communities and he fights for the workers and taxpayers alike when we are faced with tough decisions.

I am confident in Pipe’s ability and after watching his performance closely during his first term I cannot stress enough how vital it is that we keep Pipe as a commissioner serving us! Pipe’s record speaks for itself and he deserves our votes on Nov. 3.

Barry Pearce


Editor’s note: Centre Crest Nursing Home began the process of transitioning to a nonprofit corporation, separate from the county, in 2013. The facility is now run by Centre Care Inc.