Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor | Look at qualifications

It has been appalling to witness an election race that has been inundated with attack ads against Acting Register of Wills Christine Millinder and the current Register of Wills Kimberly Barton.

In a race that determines who leads an office that performs vital services within the county, it is outrageous and beyond the pale that Millinder’s opposition, instead of listing the reasons for deserving a vote in November, has called into question the attendance of Barton.

Barton, who is leaving office for medical reasons, should not have her reputation called into question due to events that she has no control over. She has given the county 37 years of exemplary service and should be honored as such.

The real issue is who is the more qualified candidate for office — Millinder or Amanda McCartney? A desire to paint Millinder in a bad light should not come at the expense of a retiring official who gave a significant portion of her life to ensure that the office of the register of wills functioned efficiently.

In November, vote based upon the qualifications of the candidates, not upon attacks that divert the public from which candidate is more qualified. This is politics at its worst!

Reginald M. Stedman