Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Make Oliver first choice

I have practiced law before the courts in Centre and 18 adjoining counties for more than 52 years, 20 years of which were with my partner/shareholder Katie Oliver, who, in my view, is without a doubt the most qualified candidate to be Centre County judge.

She has the education, experience, competence, temperament, character, diligence and integrity, as well as a hard work ethic, all of which are unmatched.

Centre County needs Oliver, who, when elected, will on day one sit on the bench without any conflicts of interest to disqualify her. Oliver would be a new and fresh judicial face, acting with fairness, honesty, courtesy and providing an opportunity to be heard without fear of repercussion.

Oliver has experience in the county courts statewide, as well as the federal courts. Federal judges have recognized her ability and certified her as a mediator to facilitate resolution of especially complex cases prior to expensive and time-consuming trials. Oliver can improve the Centre County court system with this expertise, and as a result, save the people and the county the time and expense of a trial.

Oliver has balanced her successful legal career with being a wife, mother of two, Girl Scout leader and her commitment to community.

I would highly recommend Oliver as a new judicial fresh face and your first choice for judge of Centre County.

John W. Blasko

State College