Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Vote for new approach

There are many people who only complain when decisions are made in their communities with which they do not agree. Then there are those who step up and run for office to be part of the conversation.

A new approach is needed in our township and in so many levels of government. Erin Barto is running for Haines Township supervisor to encourage civic communication. She will work to make Haines Township government a resource where residents can express concerns, ask questions, get answers and find assistance.

Michael Pipe and Mark Higgins want to work together to put our county on the right path. Pipe has worked tirelessly as commissioner to improve how the county works for its citizens by reforming the criminal justice system, increasing access to vote and making government more transparent. Higgins has some practical plans to bring in new industry and keep jobs here, where we need them.

These candidates prove that we can participate in our government and make it better.

You can too!

Vote for Barto, Pipe and Higgins on Nov. 3.

Susan P. Dawson