Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Waiting for response

Is it now the policy of State College Borough Council to neither acknowledge nor respond to letters from borough citizens?

On Sept. 8, I emailed our seven elected council members, the office of the mayor, the borough manager and the planning and zoning office a letter outlining an issue affecting property owners in the borough. After not receiving any response from anyone, I attended a Borough Council meeting on Oct. 12 and spoke about the issue in the public section of the meeting. Again, no follow up from anyone.

This goes beyond disappointing. We citizens elect council members and other officials to address issues affecting our borough. We write to you and speak before public meetings because we are concerned and involved in making our town a better place in which to live. We generally don’t engage in rants, but in logical, concise outlines of issues and even propose possible solutions.

This pattern of non-response is not isolated to my efforts, but has been an experience of neighbors whose concern has also been ignored. Disregarding reasonably expressed community members’ concerns is unacceptable. It will most certainly guide my choices at the polls in November.

Sue Hiester

State College