Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Education not enough

As the State College Borough Council works to make the Park/Atherton intersection safer I hope it considers the situation that I encountered myself.

A favorite bike route crosses Atherton at this traffic light. Recently I, too, “stepped into traffic.” Jogger Eva O’Brian, who died after being hit at the intersection in July 2014, may have made the same mistake I did.

At one point in the traffic signal sequence the light is red for northbound vehicles but still green for those coming uphill from the north. And some traffic is faster than the posted 35 mph.

Coming from the bike trail along the golf course, I saw red lights favoring me and continued onto the crosswalk. Luckily, southbound traffic was able to brake for me and honk horns so I’d notice my danger.

I know the “walk/don’t walk” icons must have been telling me not to cross but in my rush to keep up the pace, it was not noticed. Joggers have the same instinct to “maintain the pace.”

Furthermore, it is not uncommon for pedestrians to “look and go” if the traffic light is red. Re-educating us to only look to “people icons” seems inadequate.

Please think about it.

Frank Vergamini

State College