Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor | Ensure strong leadership

Harris Township residents have the opportunity to vote for three people for supervisor this year. As usual, we have two six-year positions to fill. In addition there is one four-year seat on the ballot.

The best candidates are Denny Hameister, Chris Gamble and Bruce Lord.

Hameister and newcomer Gamble are outstanding candidates for the six-year seats. Hameister has served us well for many years. Native Boalsburger Chris Gamble will ably continue his family’s tradition of strong community service.

Bruce Lord was elected unanimously by the current supervisors to fill the vacancy that occurred earlier this year. He is now running for the remaining four years of that term.

For Harris Township supervisor please vote for Hameister and Gamble for the six-year positions, and for Lord for the four-year seat. Electing all three will ensure we continue to have strong leadership and good government in Harris Township.

Dorothy Habecker

Centre Hall