Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor | Vote for excellence

Centre County judge candidate Katie Oliver will bring a strong base of knowledge, experience and sound judgment to our court.

Oliver, first in her Dickinson Law School class, has practiced law for 20 years in courtrooms throughout central Pennsylvania, giving her a broad vision well beyond that attainable in only one county.

Admitted to practice before state, federal and Supreme courts and the United States Supreme Court, Oliver has gained widespread respect for her skills as lawyer, mediator and legal scholar.

Perhaps equally important is her reputation for professional, respectful and courteous conduct important for a judge.

We support Oliver’s election because of her outstanding legal qualifications. In addition, she will bring the dignity expected and essential to the position of Centre County judge. Your vote for Oliver will be a vote for excellence.

Elizabeth Dutton, Robert Hendrickson, Janet McCracken, Donna Queeney and Susan Werner