Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor | Vote for change

Nov. 3 is your opportunity to vote for change in Centre County government.

The main candidates for Centre County commissioners are incumbent Republicans Steve Dershem and Chris Exarchos, running against Democrats Mike Pipe, incumbent, and newcomer Mark Higgins. The top three vote getters are elected to serve as commissioners, thus creating a 2-1 majority-minority lineup.

The Republican majority of Dershem and Exarchos has set the tone for the past four years. From the official website: “As the fiscal managers of the County, the Commissioners are responsible for developing and adopting of the annual budget, assessment of property, levying of taxes, and as necessary, the borrowing of funds for construction of capital projects.”

They appoint personnel, supervise county offices and programs, contract on behalf of the county and are involved with various initiatives across the county. We need to elect the best commissioners to carry out this vital leadership role in Centre County.

Despite being in the minority, Pipe has been the voice of reason as commissioner. Higgins, once elected, can bring years of valuable business experience. Together they’ll form an excellent team that will bring level-headed leadership and openness to county government.

Do we really want four more years of what we have now, lasting until 2020?

It is time to elect new leadership for Centre County. It is time to elect Pipe and Higgins as Centre County commissioners. Please vote for both Pipe and Higgins on Nov. 3.

Jackie Bonomo