Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor | Commissioners fight for us

Centre County has maintained services and a healthy fund balance without a tax increase.

Who can say that we don’t live in one of the best-run counties in the state?

Democracy demands that we defend open government. Most politicians run for cover when confronted with controversy while at the same time espousing “to fight for us.” Are their motivations conflicted in their zeal to keep their own jobs and positions?

Chris Exarchos and Steve Dershem continue to fight for us to frustrate an out-of-control District Attorney’s Office, stop government waste and maintain services — and all without tax increases.

As an aside, other writers have opined that “the solicitor works for the people.” Actually Louis Glantz is the solicitor in charge of our legal county business. He works for the commissioners, who in turn work for the people. I will be voting for Exarchos and Dershem.

Mary Ann Herbert

Centre Hall