Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor | Change status quo

Please vote for Mike Pipe and Mark Higgins for county commissioner on Nov. 3. Here is why:

Pipe has been a great commissioner. He has proven himself a model public servant by researching the issues, promoting accessibility, listening to our interests and practicing responsive, cooperative government. He has improved your access to services, made voting easier and wants to keep mental health from being privatized.

Remember when Pipe was collecting data on the advisability of privatizing Centre Crest? Commissioners Chris Exarchos and Steve Dershem undercut his efforts by voting prematurely to privatize. Pipe’s effectiveness is limited by being in the minority party.

Higgins can change that. Higgins is a business expert whose job has been to make failing businesses successful. He has saved or created hundreds of jobs. Higgins also serves on the Chamber of Business and Industry Workforce Development Committee.

We are often blinded by the wealth in State College. The truth is that Centre County has some of the poorest census districts in the state, and a poverty rate of nearly 19 percent, higher than any surrounding county. We need a commissioner who understands workforce training, business development and the creation of well-paid jobs.

You have two votes for county commissioner. Team Pipe and Higgins would modernize Centre County government to address 21st century issues such as employment, prison reform and affordable housing. Voting for both Pipe and Higgins will change the status quo to a caring, thoughtful, transparent government of and for the people.

Dorothy A. Blair