Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor | Choose McGlaughlin for judge

Ron McGlaughlin is the best choice to be our next judge. We are fortunate to have a candidate with his combination of experience and character to fill the position.

I first met McGlaughlin nearly 10 years ago when his wife, Ann, was running for school board in State College. I was immediately impressed by his knowledge of local issues and obvious engagement in the life of the community. Later, when my family engaged his services as an attorney, we found him to be diligent and professional. I’ve come to know him as a committed local volunteer and dedicated father whose attitude of service is evident in everything he does.

McGlaughlin cares about Centre County and wants to make sure we can have faith in our judicial system. He does not view this as a career move, but rather a matter of genuine public service, a sacred trust. At a time when we can ill afford a mistake in choosing our next judge, you can cast a vote for McGlaughlin with confidence in his legal knowledge, courtroom experience, personal integrity and commitment to service.

The local Fraternal Order of Police has recognized McGlaughlin’s qualifications by awarding him its unanimous endorsement. I echo their recommendation and strongly urge you to choose McGlaughlin for Centre County judge.

Christopher Buchignani

State College