Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor | Doesn’t turn his back

I am a Democrat, voting for Republican Chris Exarchos for county commissioner.

When Centre Crest nursing home was losing millions of dollars, Exarchos came up with a plan to have it operated by a private charitable corporation, which has improved services for its residents and operates in the black.

When a former employee came forward with a sworn affidavit of alleged wrongdoing in the District Attorney’s Office, he didn’t turn his back. He did what we’ve all been trained to do, he turned it over to the police.

When the clerk of courts (incidentally a Democrat) raised allegations of destruction of public records by Judge Bradley P. Lunsford, Exarchos did not turn his back. He supported her and now we are all the beneficiaries as we elect a replacement judge.

I am a Democrat voting for Republican Exarchos and I urge all of my fellow Democrats to do the same.

Bernard F. Cantorna

State College