Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor | Time for a change

As a resident and taxpayer of Ferguson Township, I’ve been frustrated at how the chairman of the township supervisors, Dick Mascolo, treats us in favor of big developers, no matter the cost to our environment or our pocketbooks, and it’s time for a change.

A new luxury student apartment complex is awaiting action by the supervisors to be built by the Toll Brothers on Whitehall and Blue Course and Mascolo is for it.

This development risks the safety of our drinking water because it is proposed to pave over land that serves as part of the well head protection and drainage system for the water supply for the entire Centre Region. Concrete does not filter water without the risk of contamination.

I also don’t appreciate that the taxpayers will be asked to foot the bill for a portion of the infrastructure improvements to this development, benefiting a wealthy developer. I have observed Mascolo at meetings treat residents who spoke up against his positions with indifference.

In response to angry residents Mascolo said, “You don’t like it, go vote,” knowing that he was unopposed. I intend to take him at his word. I will vote Nov. 3 for Laura Dininni for township supervisor. Dininni will work hard for us to protect our agricultural heritage, protect our environment, listen to the residents with respect and make smart decisions about when and where to approve new developments.

Kelli Hoover

Pennsylvania Furnace