Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor | Right experience matters

It seems all candidates for office like to talk about their “experience.” But voters should always determine exactly what experience is really important. This year Katie Oliver, candidate for Centre County judge, brings the experience we need to our Centre County courts.

Yes, she has practiced law here for 20 years and has experience with every type of case our local courts will ever hear. But her experience is much broader and simply unmatched in this year’s race. As a “go-to” attorney throughout Pennsylvania, Oliver has experience working in many courts and in front of dozens of different judges. This experience gives her a broad perspective in how courts and legal systems work in other counties, experience that is especially important in Centre County now.

This year, of all years, we should add a judge with strong experience both inside and outside of Centre County. This year the only candidate for Centre County judge who offers this fresh perspective and broad experience is Oliver.

Yes, experience matters.

The right experience really matters.

Please vote for Oliver for Centre County judge on Nov. 3.

Oliver is the first and obvious choice for Centre County judge.

Bonnie S. Marshall