Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor | Move county forward

I had the pleasure of completing my absentee ballot earlier this week.

I realized that, as residents of Centre County, we have a great opportunity to create one of the strongest Board of Commissioners we’ve had in recent years. I proudly cast my vote for Michael Pipe and Mark Higgins for commissioners of Centre County.

Commissioner Pipe has demonstrated his commitment to the citizens of Centre County time and again and has worked to ensure continued county well-being.

Higgins, while a newcomer to political office, has a strong background in business management and growth and has already made a serious commitment to become familiar with all aspects of county life. Additionally, he has been extremely active in local chamber of commerce and other county activities for several years.

Regardless of political party, I want commissioners who have integrity and are dedicated to keeping the county strong. I firmly believe both Pipe and Higgins will work diligently to keep our county moving forward.

Janyce K. Mose

State College