Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor | Working for the people

Michael Pipe and Mark Higgins are the candidates Centre County needs.

As a former intern for Pipe, I have seen firsthand his leadership and mentoring skills. Through my five months of observation, it became immediately obvious that Pipe deeply cares about our community. He understands the weaknesses of the county, which motivates him to act and improve the areas of greatest need.

He also sees the strengths of our county and builds on them. His passion towards reducing recidivism, improving re-entry and revamping the 911 system proves he recognizes what needs to be done and will do everything in his power to improve imbalances and weaknesses.

Higgins will be a valuable addition to complement the accomplishments of Pipe.

I am highly impressed by both candidates’ desire to give back to the community. For the past year, Higgins has mentored four Penn State startups — the largest of which has 10 full-time employees. He also works with other entrepreneurial groups in the region that focus on retaining young people.

Pipe has been a great mentor to myself, by investing his time to teach students about county government. His willingness to work with a high school student and share his passion for politics is rare and remarkable.

Higgins and Pipe are both candidates that have worked, and will continue to work, for the people of Centre County. On Nov. 3, I encourage you to vote for Pipe and Higgins to ensure Centre County has a solid and successful future.

Katie Merritt

Halfmoon Township