Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor | Dininni understands

It seems as though everywhere I look, I see more and more student housing construction. Whether its location is in the city, or on land that was a farm, what I see are giant developments that benefit the interests of a few parties, who are not held responsible to pay any attention to the backbone of this town: the people who live here full time.

I have been both of those types of residents. As an undergraduate student in PSU’s community, environment and development program, I learned that there are effective municipal governments that ensure successful local economic development by investing in affordable housing options for all residents. I see the amounts of attention and resources focused on student housing options, but realistically, what are my options? Comparable or incomparable to The Retreat? As a resident of Ferguson Township, the more I learn about the Toll Brothers’ development, sitting right on top of a water recharge area, the more angry I become at those in my municipal government who are making decisions without understanding dire consequences.

I take my responsibility to vote very seriously. My first ballot was cast in the 2000 presidential election, and on Nov. 3, I will walk to the Pine Grove Mills Lions Club and cast my vote for Laura Dininni for supervisor of Ferguson Township.

I support her ideologically.

She understands the consequences of local decision-making.

She will amplify my voice in local politics.

Cristin Micera Mitchell

Pine Grove Mills