Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor | A change needed

Richard Bartnik’s letter (CDT, 10/17) filled in the final piece of the puzzle for me on why there is so much talk over this year’s register of wills race.

No wonder I am receiving so many calls from politicians trying to “circle the wagons” around the deputy who is running. Why were the taxpayers not told that the register was collecting a paycheck even though she was on medical leave?

Who signed off on raises for the deputy in order to keep the office running? Didn’t they have an obligation to the taxpayers to tell us how our money was being spent?

Maybe there was a very good explanation but the fact that we were not told what was going on is troubling to me.

I agree with Bartnik; we need a change in county government.

I, like most people, have a very busy life and want to trust my elected officials to let me know of decisions they make with our money.

Anna Mae Pletcher

State College