Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor | Retire old guard

In recent years, Bellefonte Borough Council and management have been making an alarming number of increasingly risky, increasingly costly decisions. With stakes so high, folks around town aren’t content with representatives who think they were born knowing “what’s good for us.”

So it was no surprise that Joanne Tosti-Vasey defeated Frank “Buddy” Halderman in the Democratic primary. Tosti-Vasey believes in transparency in government and puts the interests of residents first by — take note — seeking input from residents and local businesses.

But thanks to a few write-in ballots, Halderman is continuing to run on the Republican ticket. Republican friends: Given your choice between the two Democrat candidates, Tosti-Vasey is the clear choice. Why? Here are just a few reasons that have nothing to do with party affiliation.

If you think 30-plus years in office is more than plenty for anyone in a healthy democracy — from dogcatcher to POTUS — then give Halderman a pass and vote for Tosti-Vasey.

If you think closed door no-bid deals are a terrible way for the borough to handle real estate transactions, vote for Tosti-Vasey.

If you’re wondering how the borough can spend $750k-plus to buy the National Guard Armory and then plead poverty when it comes to maintaining the infrastructure of our water system, you ought to vote for Tosti-Vasey.

If the rubble pile that still rots where the Garman once stood isn’t your idea of “historic preservation,” you should vote for Tosti-Vasey.

It’s time to retire the old guard in Bellefonte. On Nov. 3, I urge you to vote for Tosti-Vasey.

Patrick North