Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor | Exarchos is needed

Chris Exarchos: scientist, businessman, leader.

I first came to know Exarchos when he was working on his Ph.D. in fuel science more than 40 years ago. Later I partnered with him to develop The Victorian Manor restaurant in Lemont. It was a very successful upscale place to have a fine meal plus it helped preserve a historic home in the middle of old Lemont. Years later he served on the College Township Council.

Today, Exarchos is asking for your vote to continue as county commissioner. He has done an outstanding job. We need his problem-solving capabilities. He understands the problems of the county and designs intelligent and cost-effective solutions. He understands the value of money and knows how to preserve our tax dollars. With Exarchos at the helm we have not had a tax increase.

We need smart, frugal people like Exarchos at every level of government. I’m voting for his talents and skill set, not his party affiliation. Exarchos has been an outstanding leader and will continue to serve all residents of Centre County with sensitivity, respect and intelligence. Please join me in electing a person we know will do the best job for us. Vote for Exarchos.

Robert Pat Vernon