Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Firsthand experience

Join me and vote for the person I am endorsing in the election for register of wills, Christine Millinder.

I have served as ROW for eight years and I know what qualifications are necessary. Millinder has those qualifications and more.

If I were able to interview and appoint a candidate for this position, there would be no question in my mind on who the qualified person would be. Millinder’s knowledge, acquired from firsthand experience on the job, leaves me with no hesitation in endorsing her as the best candidate.

The average person is not aware of the office’s responsibilities, but Millinder’s vast experience in the office makes her most qualified, hands down. With her kindness, integrity, compassion and experience, she is the right choice.

She has run an honest campaign. Citizens need an honest person serving in this position.

I have worked with Millinder in the ROW office for years. I can retire feeling confident that the office will run efficiently as it has in the past if we elect Millinder. She is the most qualified candidate and the logical choice.

In any position, be it your doctor, your electrician, or your plumber, you would choose someone with experience and it should be the same in this matter. Millinder is well-respected and the only choice for register of wills. She deserves your vote on Nov. 3.

Kimberly Barton


The writer is the current register of wills.