Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Well-rounded experience

I got a robocall from state Sen. Jake Corman instructing me to vote for Christine Millinder for register of wills. He claimed she has all the experience. I find that curious, since both these candidates are first deputies.

As I understand it, Millinder went into this office after graduating from high school and has stayed put for 28 years.

There’s nothing wrong with getting a job and keeping it all your working life. The downside of that is doing things they way they have always been done.

By contrast, Amanda McCartney graduated from South Hills School of Business and Technology, getting a well-rounded background in all aspects of office management. She then went to work for District Judge Allan Sinclair and from there worked her way up to first deputy prothonotary under Deb Immel.

Because she sought advanced education and has worked in different offices, McCartney has the advantage of having seen many tasks from various angles. By training and experience, she can change with advances in technology and new understandings of human resources.

So, for those voting on experience, the question should be, what sort of experience do you most value?

Dianne Gregg

Centre Hall