Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Remarkable results

Like you, I will have two votes for Centre County commissioner on Nov. 3. I’m using them for two smart, hard-working, forward-thinking candidates: Mark Higgins and Michael Pipe.

I met Higgins working on Friends of State High, the bipartisan citizen campaign to pass the State High referendum. Higgins was one of the stalwart canvassers, knocking weekly — if not daily — on doors throughout the SCASD, listening to voter concerns, describing the building plans, and explaining cost-benefits of this community investment. His business experience and determination was invaluable in helping the community find common ground, passing the referendum with more than 73 percent of the vote.

I’ve marveled at Pipe’s contributions to Centre County over the past four years as commissioner — upgrading the 911 system, reforming the criminal justice system. But I was most impressed by the exhaustive research he put into the decision about whether to keep Centre Crest under county government or to turn it over to a private entity. In the end, his recommendation to keep it as part of county government was overruled but he provided invaluable information, keeping the decision process transparent and the decision founded in thorough research.

When Higgins and Pipe put their minds, energies and talents to a project, they get remarkable results.

Two tireless public servants. Two talented leaders. Higgins and Pipe will get my two votes for commissioner on Nov. 3.

Betsy Whitman

Patton Township