Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: We need Pipe, Higgins

At a time when so many politicians are making divisive statements and pandering to narrow interests, we need elected officials who will bring people together to create a stronger community.

We need elected officials who listen to their constituents, who value and uphold the law, and who are willing to put in the extra effort required to balance budgets, build our economy, and meet our community’s needs.

We need Michael Pipe and Mark Higgins.

I have known Pipe and Higgins since we were classmates in Leadership Centre County two years ago. Both Pipe and Higgins have a genuine passion for public service and are dedicated to improving the quality of life in Centre County. Together, they would make an excellent team of county commissioners.

Pipe is a consensus builder who carefully weighs other points of view and works toward win-win solutions. Among his many other duties, he is co-chair of the Re-Entry Coalition and a member of the Centre County Prison Board — working hard to ensure a safer community for us all.

Higgins is a successful business leader who has helped retain and create jobs in our community. Before announcing his candidacy, Higgins read the entire 600-page Centre County budget and began formulating strategies to trim costs and better serve the community.

Both are hard workers with the skills needed to effectively serve our community as county commissioners.

Please join me in voting for Pipe and Higgins on Nov. 3.

Susanna Paul

State College